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Architect/Product Designer (AIT Solutions)
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May 25, 2018
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Tel no. (66-2) 524-5019
Fax no. (66-2) 524-5056
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TOR Architect/Product Designer

The Architect/Product Designer of AIT Solutions (AITS)  shall be involved in the highly detailed design, alterations and redevelopments of designs across the organization.

Job Description:

  1. Shall provide professional service required to construct, refurbish or rehabilitate property including design and preparation of plans and details drawings
  2. Shall advise team members on energy saving measures for remodeling and renovation projects
  3. Coordinates technical projects and provides good mentoring if needed to project team, ensuring that each team member understands their responsibilities and accountabilities
  4. Shall conduct a periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans
  5. Shall consult with the client to determine functional and spatial requirements of the building, a certain area, and interior of the project
  6. Shall create 3D modeling and graphics for the project
  7. Shall plan layout, drawings and specifications of the project
  8. Shall prepare architectural conceptual design
  9. Responsible for the preparation of detailed technical drawings and plans of buildings, and
  10. Collect and provide necessary information and assist in planning, organizing and developing all aspects of the building component (Habitech Building System)


The qualified candidate must have an undergraduate degree, master’s preferred in any related field.  He or she must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, initiative and independence in architect field. He/she must be able to work independently, communicate in English effectively and be available to fulfill the architectural needs of the project.  The Architect/Product Designer must be accountable, responsive and dependable, and represent AITS in a professional manner.


Please do not forget to upload your comprehensive resume which shall include a cover letter, highlighting relevant competencies, qualifications, and experience. Include as well the phone/email contacts of two referees who are familiar with candidates competencies.

Save them all in one file and upload a single file.