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Senior Structural Engineer (AIT Solutions)
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July 22, 2016
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Tel no. (66-2) 524-5019
Fax no. (66-2) 524-5056
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Senior Structural Engineer

  1. As a Senior Structural Engineer, he/she will be responsible to the Deputy Director for StE Unit and to the Executive Director of AITS in providing engineering expertise over a wide range of projects according to  his/her expertise.
  2. Shall perform modeling and design of buildings using common software such as ETABS, SAP 2000, SAFE, etc for performance based evaluation.
  3. Shall prepare the necessary design calculation sheets, drawings using Auto Cad and Microsoft Visio and the reports of the building project.
  4. Shall design buildings and make drafts using AutoCad and calculate weight estimations.
  5. Shall demonstrate team leadership while managing interns who are working on the same projects and while working together with colleagues and seniors.
  6. Shall carry out structural performance based design for several tall building projects, especially for earthquakes and wind loadings, using structural analysis and design software such as ETABS, SAP2000, SAFE and PERFORM 3D, with proficient knowledge and experience.
  7. Post-processing the nonlinear time history analysis results accurately and detailed design of structural members in seismic load resisting system, such as columns, shear walls, coupling beams, collectors, distributers and chords in floor diaphragms, pile and mat foundations.
  8. Shall mentor the new project engineers in structural modeling, analysis, code based design and performance evaluation of high-rise buildings, industrial buildings and special structures, applying state-of-the-art analysis procedures and methods.
  9. Efficiently handle multi-projects, which are handover from other project engineers who resigned.
  10. Shall collate/resolve comments on design from peer reviewers in timely manner to meet the construction timeline.
  11. Shall prepare a comprehensive technical reports.


The qualified candidate must have a master degree in Engineering, PhD preferred.  He or she must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, initiative and independence in working on projects. He/she must be able to work independently, communicate in English effectively and be available to deliver requested job assignments in a timely manner.  Excellent written and verbal communication both in English and Thai Language.

The Senior Structural Engineer must be accountable, responsive and dependable, and represent AITS in a professional manner.

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