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Head of Waste Management Cluster (Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific)
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August 15, 2016
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Position: Head, Waste Management Cluster 
Unit: Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific
Programme: Waste Management Cluster Projects
Location: Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand
Start Date: As soon as possible
End Date: Two-year contract, with possibility of extension, subject to fund availability

I. Background/Organization Setting:

The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) is an institute-wide, multi-disciplinary Centre of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with a goal to provide resources for policy setting towards sustainable development, acting as a science-policy interface by regional networking, processing and assessing information and knowledge for governments, local communities and other stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region. RRCAP has over 25 years of experience of closely working with UNEP and other international Donors in dealing with regional environmental issues and is also serving as the secretariat for many intergovernmental network/initiatives in the region, supporting policy and strategy development as well as facilitating international and intergovernmental symposiums and workshops. The office of RRC.AP is located within the campus of AIT, 42 km north of central Bangkok.

RRC.AP Waste Management Cluster has a wide spectrum of waste management projects on scientific assessments, policy studies, pilot demonstrations, knowledge management, and various capacity building (training, education, and networking) activities. Currently, UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) is partnering with RRC.AP to build capacity for national and local waste management strategies – a comprehensive and holistic approach to gaseous, liquid, and solid waste management via policy framework, institutional arrangements, financing mechanisms, technical solutions, pilot demos. RRC.AP also collaborates with other national and international organizations like the Ministry of Environment, Japan, Climate Change and Air Pollution Coalition, USAID, and Ocean Conservancy, among others.

II. Major Functions: 

The Head of the RRC.AP Waste Management Cluster will lead strategy and portfolio development and overseeing the implementation of its programmes and activities, including management and development of staff. The successful candidate will provide technical inputs to solid waste, water and sanitation management policy, financing, multi-dimensional sectoral linkages implemented by RRC.AP, and advise other clusters’ activities as requested. In addition, the incumbent will assist the Director in the work towards the definition of RRC.AP’s broader portfolio and strategic partnerships, resource mobilization and resource management. The successful candidate will report directly to the Director of RRC.AP.

III. Duties and Responsibilities:

The Head of the Waste Management Cluster will coordinate the overall operation of the cluster, provide support to coordinate technical outputs of projects, as well as inspire the cluster to a new phase of growth into building holistic waste management portfolio inclusive of solid waste, water and sanitation projects through the drive, vision, experience and leadership skills. 

1. Leading the Waste Management Cluster [40% of time]:

  • Oversee the portfolio and activities of the Cluster, ensuring professional and timely implementation, providing advice to enhance the quality of work and deliverables.
  • Provide guidance and technical support for the implementation of projects and programmes, including consultations with relevant stakeholders and donors, as needed.
  • Supervise staff to ensuring appropriate work distribution and allocation of human resources for the successful implementation of the Waste Management Cluster portfolio, including support to other RRC.AP clusters (climate change, and air pollution) when needed. Provide advice and guidance for the continuous development of staff; support staff’s outputs complementing their expertise.
  • Lead in the preparation of background and analytical documents, and technical and policy assessment studies.
  • Provide technical and administrative support to ministries and government agencies in the organization of intergovernmental meetings for the bridging of the science-policy gap in addressing waste management issues.
  • Oversee the Cluster’s financial management, project budget development and financial reporting.

2. Portfolio and strategy development [30% of time]

  • Support the Director in research and networking for the delineation and identification of RRC.AP’s broader portfolio and strategic partnerships.
  • Lead resource management and resource mobilization activities, including project identification and preparation of project proposals, network management and production of marketing products, and representing RRC.AP at ad hoc expert group meetings, regional consultations, workshops and seminars.
  • Initiate the development of project proposals and other forms of resource mobilization on waste management related fields.
  • Provide the Director with regular updates and assessments of the policy needs of the region and the strategic focus and priorities of development agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors.
  • In close consultation with the Director, support the preparations of MoUs and other agreements with international organizations and other partner institutions.
  • In close consultation with the Director, ensure regular planning meetings and discussions with other clusters’ Heads for strategy development, project proposal development, joint planning, information sharing and reporting.
  • Assist the Director in the coordination and consultation with other units and schools of AIT for the development of joint initiatives and project proposals. 

3. Project Management [30% of time]

  • Coordinate the implementation of the solid waste, water and sanitation projects in close communication with the persons involved, ensuring the quality deliverables.
  • Facilitate a coordinated approach in the identified countries in the area of capacity building, technology transfer, and public private partnerships in holistic waste management.
  • Provide technical inputs to national and regional assessment of specific waste streams such as Mercury waste, E-waste, and other new and emerging wastes.
  • Provide support to develop and implement a knowledge management strategy and activities to promote knowledge sharing via waste management portals.
  • Coordinate the preparation of local meetings/workshops with authorities and stakeholders, including the drafting of major issues and discussion points, and the identification of relevant stakeholders to participate in the meetings/workshops on waste management.

4. Other duties as assigned by the Director, subject to review and agreement on time allocated to Tasks 1-3.

IV. Required Competencies:

  • Professionalism: Knowledge of sustainable development policies and socio-economic issues in Asia-Pacific region and related fields, with particular experience on waste management policy, governance, financing. Understanding of the principles underpinning the technical knowledge on solid, liquid and gaseous waste and emissions management. Ability to apply theory to the specific policy context to identify creative, practical approaches to overcome challenging situations. Ability to identify data sources, analyze information, develop policy recommendations and write reports. Shows pride in work and in achievements; is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results; shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; remains calm in stressful situations.
  • Communications: Fluency in spoken and written English; demonstrated skills in having two-way communications; openness in sharing information and keeping people informed; ability to tailor language, tone, style and format to match the audience.
  • Planning & Organizing:  Ability to formulate clear goals, prioritize activities and assignments; to allocate the appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work, foreseeing risks and allowing for contingencies when planning; and to monitor and adjust plans and actions as necessary.

V. Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Postgraduate degree in urban environmental management, environmental engineering and management, environmental sciences, natural sciences or relevant fields. Doctorate or higher levels of education would be an asset.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of solid waste, wastewater and sanitation issues in the Asia-Pacific region; knowledge of waste management policy, governance, financing, economic and environmental planning. Knowledge of new concepts of circular economy, resource efficiency, green growth, sustainable consumption and production would be an asset.
  • A minimum of 15 years of progressively responsible experience in project management and implementation, preferably in development programmes and policy-making in the fields related to waste and resource management.
  • Demonstrated ability in fundraising and resource mobilization with international donors.
  • Experience working in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.

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